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Lobuloplasty – Repair of Earlobes

By June 29, 2021Uncategorized

Lobuloplasty is a surgical treatment option to repair the earlobes. Our earlobes are an extension of our face and our team understands the importance of restoring an aesthetic appearance to this area. Rest assured; you will be in great hands with our surgical team for a relaxing, no-stress experience along with a beautiful result. 

There are a variety of conditions that can be successfully treated with Lobuloplasty, such as: 

  • Ear piercings – Years of wear with heavy, dangling pierced earrings can take their toll on the earlobes causing both stretching and tearing, leading to long, unsightly ear lobes over time. 
  • Aging – Usual skin aging causes thinning of the earlobe tissue and skin, leading to an elongated, sagging appearance of the earlobes.
  • Earlobe reduction – Lobuloplasty can be used to reduce earlobe size and help correct asymmetries. 
  • Trauma – Partial and complete tears to the earlobe can come from an injury such as having an earring catch on clothes or a young child pulling on a sparkly earring.
  • Gauges – These are circular jewelry that incrementally stretch the earlobes. When gauges are permanently removed, wearers are often left with large holes that won’t close on their own.
  • Military Personnel – It is common for those entering the military to request closure of their piercings, due to governing regulations. 
  • Keloids – These are hypertrophic (overgrown) scars that grow beyond the site of initial injury, such as a piercing. Removal of the keloid and close monitoring afterwards to prevent recurrence, can have a greatly beneficial impact on someone’s self-confidence and day-to-day life. 


  • Lobuloplasties are performed within our office, in our accredited surgical suite. 
  • Local anesthesia is used, so you can drive yourself home
  • The procedure itself typically takes 15 minutes per ear
  • Sutures stay in roughly 1 week
  • Ears can be re-pierced 6 weeks after surgery

If you are interested in meeting our team to receive pricing and more information regarding the lobuloplasty procedure, please click this link (insert new patient link) to schedule a complimentary consultation.