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New treatment for more kissable lips

By February 3, 2017Media

New treatment for more kissable lips

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) – There’s perhaps nothing more romantic than the perfect kiss from the perfect person.

What if you have the perfect family and the perfect husband but don’t feel like you have the perfect lips?

“I thought they were just a little thin,” says Heather Folzenlogen. “I wear lipstick a lot so I just wasn’t feeling like I could get that look, I was looking for.”

She got the picture perfect lips she loves in just days. She returned to Dr. Jon Mendelsohn’s office just two days after she had help from what’s called hyaluronic acid.

“I am feeling good. I like them, so it’s not too much, it’s just perfect, so I am real excited,” said Folzenlogen.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the body. It’s delivered into the lips as an injectible filler in a whole new way.

“We use something called a canula, it’s a blunt and very flexible apparatus,” says Dr. Jon Mendelsohn.

Karisa Sinclair allowed her session to be on camera to show how the appartus works, “My goal is just to have, I like to have just a pouty, puffy lift down here, so I just want the whole thing to be pouty and full, and have those big full lips.”

The product has a numbing agent so Karissa doesn’t feel her lips fill up, but she could have some irritation or soreness.

“But the beautiful thing about hyaluronic acids is that we can reverse them, they are malleable, soft, easy to manipulate. If somebody doesn’t like it we can reverse it,” said Mendelsohn.

Much of the success of this procedure has to do with whatever you want to see in the mirror but he says the results will last about 8 to 12 months. There is almost no down time when you leave. Karissa says the biggest boost is to her confidence.

“Of course, yes, I think big lips are beautiful,” she said.

Depending on how much filler is needed, it can cost from $500 to $700. Swelling from the procedure goes down overnight.