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Patient, Julie, 1 Week Post Operative Facelift Tips

By February 27, 2015Uncategorized

Julie’s pre and post operative tips for the Advanced Face Lift performed by Dr. Jon Mendelsohn!

From The Mouth Of One Of Our Advanced Lift Patients Julie:

In The Weeks and Days Leading Up To Your Surgery:

-Three weeks prior to my surgery, I started taking an extra 500mg of Vitamin C in addition to my multi-vitamin as I read that it aids in the healing process and helps reduce bruising. I also did not want to risk getting sick in the days prior to my surgery, so I felt that this would also help thwart away any winter viruses that I might come into contact with.

-I asked Dr. Mendelsohn about taking Arnica prior to my surgery to help minimize both bruising and pain. He said that the reviews are mixed but that it couldn’t hurt to try it. I started taking Arnica 30x – two tablets four times a day sublingually starting three days prior to surgery and continued for a week following the surgery.   I have very little bruising –but of course this could also be due to the highly skilled surgeon’s hands!

-Start freezing those rotting bananas in plastic baggies in your freezer. You are going to want them later.

-Stock up on soup and yogurt and also your favorite flavor of Instant Cream of Wheat. Note:  Avoid soups that have vegetables or any type of ingredients that require chewing!  I recommend Mrs. Grass’ chicken noodle soup in a box that you mix with water and cook as the noodles are very small and require little chewing.

-Work out as much as you possibly can – as you are going to need to take it easy for awhile so as to not strain those neck muscles. I firmly believe that a strong core helps support every muscle in the body and the better shape you are in going into this – the faster you will recover.

-Make a playlist about an hour long of your favorite “happy” tunes that Dr. Mendelsohn can play during your surgery. I actually tapped my toes in time to the music as he worked his magic on my face!   Note: He is an Apple guy if you didn’t already know that – so that is the preferred platform.

Helpful Hints For Your Post Operative Recovery:

An inexpensive cotton headband can be a tremendous help in the days following your surgery as it will help keep the Bacitracin out of your hair and also help secure the chin strap (which you will pretty much be wearing 24/7) in place.  After showering each morning, I would gently pull back my hair with a cotton headband – being very careful all the while not to stretch my neck or impact my incisions in any way.  Then my hair would be out of the way prior to cleaning my ears with hydrogen peroxide and dabbing with the Bacitracin – and it would keep it that way so that the greasy Bacitracin did not get in my ears. But an added bonus is the fact that the headband helped to secure the chin strap in a major way. Without the headband underneath, the chin strap would constantly come loose – during the day and night and had to be readjusted. But this added layer of a very thin cotton headband helped prevent the chin strap from slipping and keep it in place. And believe me – the chin strap is your friend – as it really helps the swelling subside and also protects your incisions. 


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