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Radiesse For Younger Hands in Cincinnati

By August 6, 2015Uncategorized
Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?
Most of the time, the face is the focus of cosmetic improvement.  However, one of the most age-telling features of or bodies is our hands. Radiesse injections immediately replenish lost volume to the back of the hands, resulting in a natural, youthful appearance. This filler recently received FDA-approval for treatment of the hands. Radiesse is a proven, versatile facial contouring product. Plastic surgeons all over the world have used Radiesse for treating facial volume loss. When injected, volume is increased while lessening the appearance of veins.
Radiesse is a safe, effective non-surgical treatment, which provides immediate smoothing of wrinkles, scars and replenishment of volume lost. Results are both durable and long-lasting. For smoother, fuller hands with natural results, schedule an appointment with us today!
Before-After Radiesse Hands

Before and After using Radiesse for the hands

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