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Sculptra was originally named Nu-Fill in Europe before making its way tot he US oer a decade ago.  It was first approved as a filler to be used in HIV-infected or AIDS patients who showed lipoatrophy (fat wasting) from both the disease as well as the anti-HIV medication.  After it was proven as a safe a effective treatment to help restore this volume loss, it was then FDA cleared for all users.  Dr. Mendelsohn was one of the first in this region to use Sculptra with much success.  We continue to use Sculptra in our Practice where indicated.  As other fillers have been developed for facial rejuvenation and colume loss (especially Juvederm Voluma) we do use less Sculptra than previously.  Along with other fillers such as radiesse, juvederm, restylane, Voluma, artefill, fat, selphyl and belotero, many excellent options exist to help patients suffering from many problems including the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, deep rhytids, volume loss, crepiness and overal photoaging an sun damage.

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