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What we see above the mask is getting a lot of attention inside the operating room – Upper Eyelid Surgery is Booming

By March 16, 2022Uncategorized

by Liz Bonis & Merby Curtis, WKRCTuesday, March 15th 2022


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For the Full Surgery Watch Here.

It’s hard to believe we’re starting Year 3 in this pandemic. For much of that time, our focus has been what we could see above the mask.
“I have this hooding here on the top of my eyes,” said Gretchen Baker, a patient. “My eyes are starting to get really heavy.”

That’s leading those such as Baker to choose one of the top cosmetic procedures now requested. According to Dr. John Mendelsohn, it’s called an upper eyelid lift:
“What we’re dealing with … is some extra skin in [the eyelid] area,” said Dr. Mendelsohn, a facial plastic surgeon and owner of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. “We’re going to rejuvenate it so she’ll look more refreshed.”
“People often ask me what’s wrong,” said Baker. “It’s my face, my eyes. They give the appearance of me being sad.”
Baker invited Local 12 to follow her journey. While Dr. Mendelsohn was performing her eyelid lift, we talked to him live via Zoom.
The procedure takes only about 20 minutes. The eye area is topically numbed. Dr. Mendelsohn measures the redundant skin and removes it. The corner of her eye is then closed with one stitch.
“It lasts probably about 20 years,” said Dr. Mendelsohn.
Since Baker’s surgery was streamed live on YouTube, you can watch the full procedure here.

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