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Thank you Dr Jon Mendelsohn for sponsoring a 2 day safari for Karama Kids

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A Thank You Letter from Connie Naber – Karama Kids:

Thank you Dr Jon Mendelsohn for sponsoring a 2 day safari for Karama Kids. First time for all to Ngorogoro Crater, first time to spend the night in a hotel, first time to be away for 2 days, first time to see warthogs, hyenas, ostrich, flamingos, buffalo, rhinos and lions. Everyone has an awesome time. So fun to watch their faces! Asante sane. Thank you Robert Chakwaze and Nalemoru for planning a great trip for us. (Want an awesome safari? https://nalemoru.com )

Karama Kids Say “Thank You Dr. Mendelsohn”

The Mendelsohn Foundation for the Arts was established in 2005 to provide children, locally and abroad, the opportunity to explore the world of the Arts through activities that educate, develop and stimulate their sense of self-image and promote increased awareness of self and others. The Butterfly Project is one of the programs produced by the Mendelsohn Foundation for the Arts to generate support and raise awareness for children’s art programs. Through the creation of hundreds of ceramic butterflies available for sponsorship, the Foundation has been able to help many local charities.
Dr. Mendelsohn recently took The Butterfly Project across the globe to Africa, where he and his family met the children living in an orphanage owned and lovingly operated by Connie Naber and supported by her non-profit organization, Karama Connection. Dr. Mendelsohn performed a procedure on one of the children, assisted with their health needs and educated them on day-to-day basic health. In addition, these children also participated in The Butterfly Project by painting ceramic butterflies, which are now on display in our office.

To learn about the organizations supported by the Mendelsohn Foundation for the Arts, please visit:
http://www.happeninc.com https://www.karamaconnection.org


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