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The Best Acne Scar Treatment with Microneedling with Radio Frequency (Microneeding RF)

The Best Acne Scar Treatment with Microneedling Radio Frequency

Hello and welcome back to Advanced Answers. Today we’re going to discuss micro needling one of the best ways to treat acne scarring. There are multiple methods of micro needling. One involves using a pen with a tip that has 12 or 36 tiny needles. They’re so small that they’re difficult to see. These needles create micro injuries into the skin leading our skin to believe that it needs to repair itself. So it begins to form collagen. Collagen is what helps to plump up the tissue underneath a scar making it more even with the rest of the skin and reducing the appearance of the scar. Another MicroNeedling option involves the addition of radio frequency. This involves micro needles entering the skin and then sending out a quick burst of radio frequency energy. This energy works to contract the skin in focused areas and initiate collagen building. This method is utilized more to tighten and lift the skin while helping build Collagen and at the same time. With our micro needling pen treatment, you’ll want to allow for two days of downtime. Mainly this consists of some small scratches, minimal bruising and swelling that heals quickly and painlessly. With our micro needling with radio frequency treatment, you won’t have as many visible marks on your skin. As this treatment focuses more of its energy underneath the surface. You can go about your daily activities but make sure to avoid the sun your skin will be more susceptible to UV damage and at a higher risk for hyper pigmentation or darkening of the skin during the healing period. And for a few weeks afterwards. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to treating you soon.

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