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It’s True! Eyelid Surgery Can Make You Appear More Likable

By January 16, 2020Uncategorized

It’s True – Eyelid Surgery Can Make You Appear More Likeable and Trustworthy!


Eyelid rejuvenation or Blepharoplasties, and their popularity continues to grow. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and delicate. This area is among the first to show telltale signs of aging and fatigue including dark circles, crow’s feet and bags or swelling. Eyelid lifts can make a tremendous difference in appearance with long-lasting results, as they leave you looking rested and refreshed, and can be performed in about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. A recent study by the AAFPRS found that both men and women who undergo upper eyelid lifts are considered more likeable and trustworthy, and are considered more attractive when they have their lower eyelids done. Check out Jill who had her eyes done.


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