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Tummy Tuck Procedure by Dr. Joel Maier

By February 6, 2015Uncategorized

Tummy Tuck Procedure by Dr. Joel Maier in the Greater Cincinnati area.

A few common questions regarding the Tummy Tuck procedure


1) What is a tummy tuck?
– It is a procedure commonly done that rejuvenates the tummy after having kids. When pregnant, the abdominal skin and muscles get stretched. This can result in hanging skin with stretch marks, as well as loosening and bowing of the abdominal muscles. Neither of these can be tightened with exercise alone and requires surgery to restore the nice flat appearance.

2) How does it work?

– During the procedure, the lower, stretched out role of skin below the
belly button is removed; the skin of the upper abdomen is then stretched down to become the new abdominal skin. The abdominal muscles are replicated˛, or tightened to restore the internal girdle and flatten the tummy. Additional benefits include improved core strength from tightening of the abdominal muscles as well as lifting and tightening of the mons pubis and inner thigh area.

3) What is the recovery?

– Two weeks should be taken off for the recovery where you are not
required to be anywhere but home. After this, you can return to work
assuming it does not require heavy lifting or activity in which case more time will be needed to recover. Starting at three weeks, you can slowly start to resume activities and exercise using judgment to back off of you feel tired, swollen or for any pain.

4) Additional procedures?

– A tummy tuck is part of the mommy makeover so it is common to perform other procedures in the same setting. Such procedures include liposuction of the love handles (very common), inner or outer thighs as well as breast procedures (augmentation or lift).

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