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Uneven Facial Features

By December 18, 2015Uncategorized


Have you noticed facial asymmetry, or a difference between the right and left sides of your face? Welcome to the club – most adults show some amount of asymmetry. It might be that one eye is larger or the upper lid droops a bit more. Your nose may be uneven. One side of the mouth may be wider, or one cheek fuller.
These are the sorts of variations I look for when performing facial filler injections. I like to point out the differences before treatment, because even though I work to restore symmetry, it is not always possible.  
The causes will vary, from uneven growth of the facial bones during a growth spurt, uneven muscle development due to chewing predominantly on one side, trauma, and even possibly childhood stresses. 
There is no need to lose sleep over these facial variations. The majority of faces show asymmetry and are usually not even noticed by others. I think of it as one of the aspects that keeps your face interesting and unique.