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Using Cannulas for Filler Treatment (Top Filler Injectors 2021)

Using Cannulas for Filler Treatments!


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Using Cannulas for injectable fillers! As one of the nation’s top injectors I love using cannulas or micro cannulas for injectable fillers. And it is a treatment technique used by many experienced clinicians. Here are the pros and cons of this approach. First, fillers is a term used to refer to products designed to fill in areas of facial volume loss, for contouring and for smoothing the skin. We prefer to use hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane because they’re dissolvable, which is important for safety. The choice of the product being used will depend on the area being treated, the desired duration, and the amount of correction needed. Fillers can be placed in and under the skin one of two ways – with a needle or with a cannula. We all know what a needle is, pointy and sharp. A microcannula is a very thin cannula, which is a long needle with a rounded or blunt tip. When using a needle, each injection site involves a stick through the skin. The filler is then placed in thin threads as the needle is withdrawn, fanned into the area, or placed as small droplets. Another stick is required to move on to the next area to be treated. When using a cannula, one access site is made with a needle and then the entire area can be treated through this one stick. The placement can be thin threads, a series of droplets and is fanned to reach the desired location. Smooth and appropriate placement can be achieved with either technique. So why use a cannula? Because there are less needle sticks, bruising and swelling is typically much less common and there’s less pain with treatment. In addition, and very importantly, the most severe complication from filler, which is injection of the filler into a blood vessel, is greatly reduced. This is because the blunt cannula does not penetrate the the blood vessel like a needle does. This makes treating delicate areas like around the eyes much more comfortable and safe. Common areas for cannula use are the cheeks, chin, under your eyes, lip fold and jawline. If you’re considering facial fillers, make sure your injector is properly trained, has adequate experience and able to choose the best manner of treatment, including cannula. Related Webpages: https://351face.com YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2EA… https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/my0Hw6ejrXk https://youtu.be/2xhDrfYvgRw https://youtu.be/dIwL7bU_bgk https://youtu.be/fu5-J05vKns https://youtu.be/lfIhOw-A8jk https://youtu.be/sEUAAxl7YVk https://youtu.be/wQ2NdG9Ndvg https://youtu.be/6VOdlrzZz-4 https://youtu.be/i3S3pstUGAA https://youtu.be/DM4NJfnikr4


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