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What Happens During Filler Treatment When Using A Cannula (Top Filler Injectors 2021)

What Happens During Filler Treatment When Using Cannulas for  Injections


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What happens during filler treatment with Cannulas?

What happens during filler treatment with Cannulas? If you’re considering facial fillers, you may have heard about treatment with a cannula.

Fillers have been traditionally injected using needles. In fact, the syringe of filler is packaged with two needles of the appropriate size. They’re typically 1/2 inch long. Anywhere between 2 and 20 injections are used to place the fillers strategically to smooth or contoured the face. With addition to the discomfort of the sharp needle penetrating the skin, each needlestick comes with a risk of bruising and of injecting the product into a blood vessel. In contrast, a cannula can be used, also called a micro cannula. This is a long needle with a blunt or rounded tip.

A regular needle is made to make an access point through the skin and the cannula is inserted through this opening. It’s generally advanced to the area where filler is desired and the filler is placed as it would be with a needle through the same opening. Multiple areas can be reached for treatment, minimizing the number of needle sticks. Because the cannula is 1 1/2 inches long, it can reach a much larger area than the needle. Done properly, only gentle pressure will be felt with the movement of the cannula under the skin.

The areas commonly treated include folds, cheeks, chin, under the eyes, and the jaw line, often with only one needle stick per area per side. Aside from the increased comfort and minimize bruising seen with canula use, the increased safety of avoiding injection into a blood vessel makes filler treatment with a cannula, a desired option for the appropriate patient. Please choose a well-trained injector with experience, practicing in a reputable setting and ask about cannula use during your consultation.

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