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What’s In What’s Out with Josh & Julie – DIY Injections & Leech Facials

April Edition – DIY Injections & Leech Facials!

What’s In What’s Out with Josh & Julie – DIY Injections & Leech Facials It’s Do-It-Yourself Injectables and Leech Facials In This latest episode of What’s in and what’s out and what’s hot and what’s definitely NOT in the world of plastic surgery with Josh and Julie.

It seems that a growing number of people are skipping the doctor’s office and taking this less expensive, though much more dangerous, route to getting facial fillers by self-injecting! The availability of counterfeit fillers for purchase online, paired with social media video tutorials that make it look easy to self-inject, has become a very worrisome combination for consumers. With ZERO medical knowledge or training, they are injecting bogus product, (often silicone), into their lips, cheekbones, underneath their eyes, and even into their noses. According to Susan Bard, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, some of this product actually looks legit– it even comes in a Juvederm box but is usually adulterated with silicone which is extremely dangerous and usually has to be surgically removed. The products are being sold on both Alibaba and Amazon. The bottom line: Don’t ever — under any circumstance — try to inject yourself with filler that you’ve bought online, or let one of your friends do so in their basement. Don’t ever try to inject yourself with anything at all! The results of just one misplaced poke of a needle can be life-changing and irreversible. What is WRONG with people?

And something else we don’t recommend you try is a Leech Facial! 34 year-old super model Miranda Kerr swears by leechtreatment is very safe as “people” have been doing for thousands of years. Who are these people? The treatment involves placing the live leeches on the face so that the leeches can feed on your blood, and the blood they consume is then smeared on the skin like a face mask. Hey Miranda, ever heard of microneedling with PRP? It hasn’t been around thousands of years but I believe it’s quite a bit safer! And don’t forget about Hemorrhoid Cream! Actress Sandra Bullock recently confessed to Harper’s Bazaar that she used hemorrhoid cream to target wrinkles and under eye bags at the London premiere of Miss Congeniality 2 in 2005. According to Bullock, “Butt cream really does help the lines around the eyes.” Uhm…yea…how about a little Botox Bullock? Please do not try these crazy unproven and unsafe fads like self-injection, hemorrhoid cream and leech facials! Our team of highly experienced injectors here at Studio A are true “artists,” who know how to inject both Botox and fillers properly for aesthetically pleasing, natural looking-results.

Something I have thought about trying, however, is Tomato Seed Oil, which is highly recommended for the treatment of cellulite, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. It’s also loaded with anti-oxidants and lycopene. But then I remembered that the one fruit Tom Brady refuses to eat is tomatoes– due to their inflammatory properties – which has me totally confused! But he also doesn’t eat sugar, dairy, gluten or drink coffee or alcohol so what does he know? Let’s stick with the theory that tomatoes are good for you and drink a Bloody Mary! (Josh and Julie Cheers and take a big sip) Ah yes…our skin is looking much better already!

But it will keep getting better with a little help from some Botox! Listen up – when you purchase two sites of Botox – you can get one site for FREE throughout the month of March! That’s it for today’s edition of What’s In/What’s Out What’s Hot and What’s Not Be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you don’t miss a single episode. Also download our AR Follow Your Beauty App from the App store. You can schedule an appointment by calling 351-FACE or visiting 351face.com.

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