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When Will I First See Results From Rhinoplasty Procedure? (Best Rhinoplasty Procedure)

When Will I First See Results From Rhinoplasty Procedure? (Best Rhinoplasty Procedure)

How long before I see the results of rhinoplasty surgery. When will I see the results from rhinoplasty. Seeing the results from rhinoplasty may vary from patient to patient. Some patients see results immediately and others it takes more time depending upon the original goals of the surgery. For example if you have a bump on your nose and you wanted to reshape that you’ll see results from surgery immediately as the nasal tape is removed usually about Day 6.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Even in countries where body contouring and breast augmentation are taboo, rhinoplasty is remarkably popular. In the US, it is also one of the top five most popular procedures. But some people may be concerned about how long it will take for the results of their surgery to become visible.

However if you have thicker skin and your primary concern is reshaping that nasal tip when you have thicker skin, he results are not typically apparent early. This is because of the swelling from surgery combined with thicker skin simply require more time to see the results. While steroids and other medications may be used to speed up the process.

It simply takes time. Patience. Final results for rhinoplasty can take 1 to 2 years to show some of the fine details and full results. That being said most rhinoplasty patients who have realistic expectations are pleased with the outcome from the rhinoplasty within the first few weeks certainly early months following surgery. How long does it take to recover from rhinoplasty. How long does it take to recover from a nose job rhinoplasty surgery? Recovery today is pretty incredible compared to what it was when I started performing these back in the 1990s. Back then rhinoplasty was performed under general anesthesia where patients were intubated. That means a breathing tube was placed down your throat during the surgery the machine would be breathing for you.

You’d received general anesthetic agents for three four five hour operation. We used to pack the nose on the completion of the rhinoplasty and get this, six feet of gauze in each side of the nose. That’s one half inch by 72 inch packing shoved in each side of your nose. Twelve feet total. Of course when it was placed your sleeping, unaware. But three days later when it needed to be removed, ouch, it hurt, it smelled. It was filled with blood and mucus. It’s quite gross frankly. But that’s how it used to be done. Incredibly some still do this. The last nose that I packed was in 1997, often longer ago than many of our rhinoplasty patients. That is their birth year.

When we have seminars I would ask how many people have had rhinoplasty and a few hands would go up and I would say “Tell me about it.” One of the first things that you would hear is Ohhhh! It was memorable anyway. No packing. This is why it’s so important because significantly easy recovery is associated with not using nasal packing in fact today, there are several differences with how we perform rhinoplasty.

First of all, we use I.V. sedation so that recovery is easier, without the risks of nausea and vomiting associated general anesthesia. And of course as already mentioned there isn’t any packing to remove. Patients do remarkably well. They’re up and active the next day. Minimal bruising and swelling versus what we saw historically with older techniques. This all makes the recovery so much easier. Overall patients may or may not use any pain medication perhaps only Tylenol the first night. Maybe a half a pain pill. The tape and splint that we put over the nose is typically removed about day five six or seven and most normal activities are resumed.

While there may be a final 10% change you may not see until a year after your procedure, the majority of the results from your rhinoplasty will be noticeable right away. After swelling goes down within three weeks after your procedure, you will see 80% of the results from your rhinoplasty.

The last 10% of swelling that occurs is indicated by swelling of the nasal tip skin, which sometimes takes a full year to completely resolve, but most patients are very happy by the improvements of their rhinoplasty right away.

Bruising and swelling are a normal part of rhinoplasty recovery. They are dependent on several factors related to both the surgical technique and the patient. Techniques that increase bruising and swelling include whether or not the nasal bones were broken (osteotomies), the extent of soft tissue dissection/elevation from the bony-cartilaginous framework, and whether the surgery was performed open or closed.

Swelling following rhinoplasty resolves at variable rates. For the initial two weeks, the nose is markedly swollen and noticable to anyone. After the second week, the swelling usually subsides such that it is not obvious to the casual observer that anything has been done to the nose; however, the nose will look “puffy” to the patient for several months. Usually by 4 months, the vast majority of the swelling will dissipate, but it may take a full year (or longer in some cases) for all of the swelling to resolve and for the final result to be achieved.

There are several factors that can lengthen the time until you see the final results of your rhinoplasty. These can include:
– Not taking the time of for recovery
– Not following postoperative instructions
– Injury or blow to the nose after surgery
– Illness or infection during recovery

If you experience any of these it will likely lengthen your time to final results, putting you closer to the one year timeline rather than six months.



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