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What is the Best Laser Treatment for Dark Skin (Laser Treatments for Darker Skin Tones 2020)

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Dark Skin (Laser Treatments for Darker Skin Tones 2020)

I’d like to address a common question that many of our studio team members hear from our patients daily. What is the best laser treatment for dark skin. Our answer is definitely picosure focus array. This laser safely removed sunspots and hyper pigmentation on the face. In darker skin tones and patients that are prone to melasma. But what is melasm?. This is an inflammatory condition in which brown patches of hyper pigmentation and a mask like pattern on the cheeks and forhead come and go depending on aggravating factors such as Sun, pregnancy and heat. Picosure focus array laser uses a mechanical mechanism to break up pigment rather than a thermal mechanism that requires extra caution in use with darker skin tones due to the risk of something called post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and the risk of stimulating more Melanocytes . Our team at Studio A are highly trained and experienced in laser therapies. So just let us know when you’re ready to start your journey towards healthy younger skin. And we’ll get you on your way. Bye for now. For more advanced answers please subscribe to our YouTube channel and we’ll talk soon.

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